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Studio B is an excellent choice as a production and writing room. With a  live room and vocal booth only a few steps away.

Studio B has a relaxed, vintage feel with natural daylight making it a great space in which to be creative, yet feel at home.

This room has excellent lines of sight between the control room, live room and vocal booth, making interaction between musicians/producers very easy.


Amazing Studio with a Vintage twist. Andy has a Professional attitude with the artists work a priority. Also VERY affordable for brilliant final results.


Brilliant final results "


David Green - Bone Broke Kings


Superfly Studios a great place to record lovely atmosphere and a very proffessional engineer (thanks Andy) who made The Realists experience very enjoyable today. Our end result is looking very good. Looking forward to our next visit to complete it. We would most certainly recommend this studio.

Malcolm Pepper

Great recording studio. Relaxed and friendly. Great guy on the desk who knows his stuff.


Great Studio! "


Greg - The 1855

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