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Voice Over

Top-of-the-line recording equipment and a comfortable, acoustically treated space for voice actors to record their performances. Studio B is equipped with a range of microphones and outboard equipment, as well as a sound booth that allows for precise sound capture and isolation.

The team at Superfly is made up of experienced sound engineers and voice over professionals, who are dedicated to helping clients achieve the highest quality recordings possible. Whether you are a seasoned voice actor or just starting out, the new voice over studio is a welcoming and professional space that is perfect for recording your next project 



Every great voiceover project starts (and ends) with a talented team who knows precisely how to select and direct talent, produce exceptionally, and deliver quickly. Our voiceover and dubbing team does all of this and more for every project – no matter what the size.

At our two-story custom-built studios in Ollerton you can expect a world-class production team ready to work with you. Our recording team is engaged in your project needs: from start to finish. We not only record voiceovers, we enhance projects and deliver results 

We don’t simply press buttons: we also handle casting, auditions, script development, 

We’re proud to have worked with clients like Microsoft, BBC, Mastercard, Telus, NBC, ABC, and Bravo as repeat clients

who return to our recording and voice over studios for expertly produced audio productions.

We have a dedicated vocal booth that has been acoustically treated to capture the perfectvocal sound. The Vocal Booth has

enough room for up to two people,

If you are in need for a larger vocal recording space we have that covered also, with our dry recording area. This

room is ideal if you need conversation between more than two people. 

Ideal for groups uo to six people. Vocal microphones from Akg, Blue Microphones, Rode, Rca, Shure and




Amps All.png

Here at Superfly Studios we are lucky enough to have collected some beautiful classic valve amps.

We are now offering a re-amp service where you can sent us your raw DI signals and we will re-record you sounds through one of our classic amplifiers.  

Recording Experience

Have you always wanted to record some of your favourite songs in a Studio?

Here at Studio Gift Experience we offer this opportunity like no other!

Book a slot in our recording studio and step in the shoes of your favourite artist.

Our Studio experiences are perfect to send as Gifts to loved ones.

Sing in a real recording studio with an experienced engineer driving the session!

Suitable for ages 5+ and for all abilities! Record your own CD in a studio!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a recording studio before!

Your studio engineer will help and direct you through the recording session. 


We’re not looking for the next number 1 hit, 

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