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Mixing is about elevating each song to its absolute clearest and strongest emotional impact. Whether it’s Pop, Rap, Rock, Americana, Country or anything in-between, We strive to  bring our wealth of musical and sonic knowledge to every project to get the best out of the music.

The Space

​Acoustically treated mixing space, we have two in house mixing engineers ready to take your tracks to the next stage.

The mixing room has a relaxed, vintage feel with natural daylight making it a great space in which to be creative, yet feel at home.


This space has two treated rooms which are perfect for smaller projects  with excellent lines of sight between the control room, main recording area and vocal booth, making interaction between artists very easy.

We also offer dry hire for this space, please contact for more information if you would like to book this room to mix your next project.



Our online mixing service enables anyone, anywhere in the world to have their tracks mixed by one of the Superfly Studios mixing engineers.

Starting with the individual audio files from each track in your song, I will reconstruct the mix from

the ground up, adding eq,  dynamics and effects as necessary to bring out the best elements

in the song, bringing the detail forward to keep the listener's engaged, and ensuring that the

musicremains true to the original, yet fresh sounding from start to end.

  • All tracks are mixed in house

  • Choose to have your music mixed ‘in the box’ or a bit of both using our analogue console and outboard dynamics. 

  • Choose to attend the session remotely, offering live feedback or attend the session.

  • All mixes delivered with stems

  • We will prepare the files for sending off to mastering, or if you wish we can also do this in-house depending on budget.

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