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Drum Recording

Session Drummers Available

Superfly drum recording. we are really lucky to have two live rooms that each have their own different drum sound. The main live room is large and spacious where the drum sound is surprisingly well controlled. However with the addition of room mics you can hear the full ambience of the room.
The main room sound can also be closed off by screening the kit completely and there is a movable panels which could be used as a lid if to achieve a much deader sound.
We also have a small live room that can be used for drum recording. The acoustics of this room are a lot deader down to the use of wall/ceiling mounted absorbers. so you get a really controlled dead booth.

Our Drums

  • 1970's Ludwig Super Classic 22x14 / 16/9 / 16/16

  • 1990's Premier Cabria 22x12 / 12/13/16

  • Ludwig 100th Anniversary Snare

  • Ludwig Acrolite 1978 snare

  • Redrock 14x6 Jarrah Block Snare

  • Ayotte Keplinger 13x6 Snare

  • Premier Cabria 22/13/14/16

  • Paiste GiantBeat Cymbal Pack

  • Sabian B8 Cymbal pack

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