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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that's creativity!" (Charles Mingus)


“We find ourselves being inspired by the ideas fro the participants

themselves, projects that are student led or have a loose structure

are always the most creative allowing freedom, a dropping of 

boundaries, complete

creativeness...” (Shirley Novak/Andy Banfield)

Shirley Novak
After nearly 20 years in Arts Development
and Music technology, Shirley now works as a freelance creative practitioner, delivering music centred workshops using assistive technology

Andy Banfield
Andy owns and manages 'Superfly Studios' in Ollerton Nottinghamshire. Andy has been working as a studio engineer for over 15 years and has also delivered music tech workshops in schools and colleges.



"We provide opportunities to enable people with an interest, or a range of skills experience and expectations to access music at all levels, on all scales and in a variety of roles, either working  with a small group or individuals"

Our ethos in life is based around a belief that ‘Music is What Feelings Sound Like’ and use this as the basis to all our work. Our approach to fully inclusive music workshops is to enable everyone to be equally involved that will not only extend access but also encourage participation amongst the pupils.

We conitnue to develop Ways to be inventive with our delivery, championing the value of music and the positive effects in advancing educational and social development for everyone. We use technology as a way to connect with students who are not necessarily competent in traditional musical knowledge and skills.


Music is a part of everyone’s lives and particularly enabling young people to communicate. By looking at how music plays a part in all aspects of life around the world and communication, we work around creating and enjoying ‘Mood Music’, exploring ways in which how a certain piece of music or audio can change what we see or feel. For instance the use of music in film, creating a certain atmosphere, or what music we choose to listen to when we are feeling a certain way, painting a picture of a particular emotion without using any other way of communicating using the music itself as a universal language.

These are just some of the ideas around delivery of our work but we are more than happy to discuss any ideas and develop a tailor made project for your School, exploring the best ways of using multimedia to enhance a 'new way of learning'
If you require anymore information please don't hesitate to contact us shirley@superflystudios.co.uk

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