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While the decor of Superfly is reminiscent of the 1970s, the technology behind the signal path is state-of-the-art.


We are a hybrid studio, marrying the analogue goodness of Cadac preamps and vintage microphones with the added capabilities of modern digital production. Using Logic Pro/Pro Tools with top of the range converters.


At the heart of the studio is a vintage 40 input Cadac J Series console, these desks are very similar in sound to early Neve and API consoles with great sounding Preamps and Eq's. Teamed up with some lovely outboard ranging from Urei. Neve, Empirical Labs, UKB Audio, Purple Audio, Tubetch, AML Audio, DBX, and Api.

The studio is setup with natural light and great visibility into the live room, making communication really easy between artists/producers and band members. 


  • Hammond C3 and Leslie 145

  • Fender Rhodes 

  • Wurlitzer 200

  • Yamaha CP60m

  • Moog Prodigy

  • Elka Soloist

  • Knight K20 Upright Piano

  • M-audio 88 note weighted Midi Piano

  • Reed Organ

Drum Machine

  • Roland TR77


  • 1962 Fender Precission

  • 1981 Tokai Jazz Bass

  • 1979 Tokai Precision Bass

  • 1980 Tokai Precision Bass

  • 1955 Kingston Violin Bass

  • Epiphone Jack Cassidy

  • Bass Collection SB301

  • Dean Edge Pro



  • Fender Telecaster

  • Yamaha Acoustic FG150 1976

  • Yamaha Acoustic High Strung

  • Masono Acoustic

  • Tokai 1983 ST-50 Springy Sound

  • Epiphone 12 sting 1975

The live room has been setup so that the second you walk in you can get onto recording. The studio is located on the ground floor with access from the car park straight into the live room so loading in is really easy.

With our reclaimed wooden floors, brick walls and vintage ambient lighting, making the perfect environment to get working. 


There is a Ludwig kit permanently setup and mic'd (or bring your own). As well as a vintage keyboard line-up comprising a Hammond, Upright piano, Wurlitzer, Yamaha CP60 and Rhodes.

The rest of Superfly's backline consists of Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Upright Knight Piano, bongos and congas plus an assortment of other percussive treats. Big range of guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals, all of which can be recorded by a total of 50 different microphones.




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