School Recording

We have over 11 years of Professional recording experience, so you can be assured of the highest quality recording. Whether it is the entire school, small groups, solos, School Band, Instrumental Groups/Orchestras or a mixture, everything can all be catered for.

The recording is usually completed within a day at your school or at Superfly Studios. We aim to have the CD completed with in 3 working days.

Graphic design is an integral part of the overall package and holding a competition to design the CD cover is a great way of getting everyone involved. Artwork templates can be provided for this. If you would prefer the design to be done for you then this will be done at no extra cost.

The full colour CDs come finished in full jewel cases, rather than the CD-single type, as this not only feels like an album worth buying but also allows for plenty of the best artwork to be included. It's an exciting and fun day for the children and teachers –involve the whole school working together.

The cost for the recording will be £250 this will include: Pre-production with the School/children to decide on the tracks. Live recording, working with the group supporting them to record and create Studio production, editing, mixing and mastering the track.

One master copy of the CD (for the school to duplicate from for distribution) and 10 copies. with 'label printed' for immediate use. (additional copies available at £1.50 each)

We specialise in high quality voice overs for a variety of uses, including advertising, educational DVD / CD Rom, talking books, audio newsletters and meditation recordings.

Our control room can comfortably seat 8 people and the large windows into the live room allows easy communication with the reader/Group.

If you’re planning a voice-over but are in need of a reader Superfly Studios can help. We know that sourcing the right voice for your project is essential and we are here to offer advice; being able to supply samples of different voices to make your choice easier.

Previous Clinets include: Event Plan, CWM, BBC,

Star For A Day

Whether you are at the final stages of planning your recording or just getting started, why not contact us today?

We tailor our approach to best meet the needs of your project, we are experienced working with a number of different styles of audio production. We offer a variety of services ranging from a live or location recording at your venue or whilst you're on tour, We can capture not only the performance but also the atmosphere it creates, whether it is a live band at a festival, a choir in a church, an Orchestra, Brass Band, or a voice-over required for broadcast, a podcast, or a corporate conference - we can help.

Some of our work is for sync to video for broadcast or DVD release. Working with a variety of video companies we will liaise with your chosen crew to ensure the best results.

Once everything is recorded we take the session back to our studio for editing, mixing and mastering.

Your MD/Band members are welcome to attend to hear the mix or we can send a demonstration disc for them to approve, before it goes to print. or alternatively the files are put straight to DVD/Hard drive for mixing and mastering else where.

We have a neat and compact 1-24 track recording system so we don’t take over the space. 

Studio promo video and Live Recording

Need to get your music noticed on youtube? We offer a great film and recording package.

Package - 1 (£200)

Three hrs recording/Filming 

Two hrs mixing

Three hrs editing video and creating the final product for uploading

Package - 2 (300)

Five hrs recording/Filming

Three hrs mixing and mastering

Full day editing the video and creating the final product for uploading

Voice Over

If you love to sing why not record your talent? At Superfly Studios we can help you with every stage, from your first take in the studio through to pressing your final CD. Don’t worry if you are new to recording; at Superfly Studios we create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to ensure you’ll feel right at home.

From as little as £75 you can buy a singer or a musician the experience of recording in a professional studio. They come

away with a fantastic sounding CD and, most importantly, great memories! Full day and group bookings also available.

'Be A Diva'

Ever wanted to be on X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice? 'Be A Diva' is a unique opportunity to share the mic with

your friends at a professional recording studio, kicking off your party becoming a Disco Diva with your mates, reaching

those high notes, and go home with a copy of your master piece.  Have a laugh, take a deep breath and sing your heart out!

Only £25 a head, minimum of 4 people, maximum of 10..

Get hands on experience recording and playing one of our vintage instruments.

Ever wanted to play a classic Hammond C3, Wurley or Rhodes and come away with a great recording at

the end of the day? We offer a great experience for anyone interested in creating there own CD or just

come along for a great experience.

Vouchers are available, for all bookings Solo, Duo, Group and Full Bands.

Package One - £60 2 Hours

Package Two - £100 4 Hours

Package Three - £150 6 Hours

Package Four - £180 8 Hours

Session Player For A Day

Professional multi camera film and live recording

We also offer a multi camera package, we work closely with a great film company who create the whole film package from the filming right through to the final edit.

Multi HD TV grade cameras (Two Film experts)

And Live multi track recording in the studio