UPERFLY STUDIOS is set in the beautiful surroundings of the Nottinghamshire countryside in Ollerton Village, just outside Sherwood Forest.

The studio is a professionally designed acoustic space (Designed by “Studio Architecture” ), and is equipped to the highest standard, housing a collection of classic vintage microphones, preamps and top quality monitoring, mixing the best of vintage and modern technology to get truly high class results - all set and ready to capture your creativity.  we believe we have built an environment that brings out the best in you, your music and your performance.


Superfly Studios

Peter House

Station Road Ollerton


NG22 9BN

Telephone. +44 (0) 7932 159 266

E:  andy@superflystudios.co.uk

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contact Andy on:

At the heart of the control room is an Apogee Symphony HD system which has cutting-edge audio to digital convertors.

Monitoring from Dynaudio (BM15a) and a pair of classic Yamaha NS10m’and AKG LSM 50 (Auratone’s).

The outboard equipment rack contains a comprehensive selection of preamps and compressors from Focusrite, ADL,

Neve, Aphex  and CLM Dynamics.  And a 1970’s classic silver face Urei 1176 (Ex Abbey Road)

Microphone cupboard: Has a fantastic selection of vintage and modern microphones from: Neumann - Blue - Coles - Akg -

Reslo - Bang and Olufsen - Shure - Beyerdynamic - Sennheiser - Electrovoice and Yamaha.

Coming Soon...

In conjunction with Andy - Superfly Studios, Wayne Proctor - Producer/Drummer and Steve Wright Y Dream Studios.

HouseOf Tone - Specialists in Recording/Producing and Mixing.

CONTROL ROOM is a spacious and comfortable environment in which to record, mix and master your songs or audio production.

With natural light helping create a relaxed space in which to be creative.

LIVE ROOM We have a great sounding live room; The live room has wooden floors and brick walls that make it ideal for adding a bit of natural ambience.

KING KING FEAT, ALAN NIMMO - “Standing In The Shadows”

No.1 on the ITunes Blues Chart. Also voted

“Best Band and Best Album” British Blues Awards 2012.


Classic Rock 8/10 "Have we found the 4th King ?

Rock Guitar Daily "Blade Runner Blues, Album of the Year"

Music-News 5/5 "He is saying things that I have simply not heard before."

BluesRock Review 9/10 " Wilson T. King may be one of

the most important revolutionaries of modern blues .