Drums & Percussion

Superfly Studios

Peter House

Station Road Ollerton


NG22 9BN

Telephone. +44 (0) 7932 159 266

E:  andy@superflystudios.co.uk

In house drum kit avaialbe:

Sakae Almighty - 22x18 Birch Bass Drum

                           12x8 Birch Rack Tom

                           16x14 Birth Floor Tom

Sakae  Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5

Ludwig 100th Anniversary Legacy Classic






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contact Andy on:

Microphones (Dynamic)

AKG D112

Electrovoice RE-20

4x Sennheiser MD421 - 1970‘s

Sennheiser MD441 -1970‘s

Shure SM7

5x Shure SM57

4x Shure SM58

Shure Beta 52

Yamaha Sub-Kick

Microphones (Condenser)

AKG Solid Tube

2x AKG C 414 B-XLS Stereo Pair


2x AKG C451 B

Blue Microphones- Blue Bottle

B6 Capsule (AKG C12)

B7 Capsule (Neumann U47)

Neumann KMS 104

Rode NT4 Stereo

Microphones (Ribbon)

2x BBC Coles 4038 Stereo Pair

2x Reslo R.B (Beeb upgraded) - 1950’s

Microphones (Boundary)

Astatic Boundary

2x Optimus Boundary Pair

sE Electronics Reflection Filter

4x AKG Pop Filters

1x JZ Professional Pop Filter



Apogee (8 Channels)

Api 3124 (4 Channels)

Neve 1073 (4 Channels)

Focusrite ISA 220 (2 Channels)

Focusrite Red 1 (4 Channels)

ADL 600 Tube (2 Channels)

Pre Amps

Guitar Amps


Marshall 2x12 Cab - 1964

Victoria Bassman 4x10 (Hand Made)

Vox AC30 Combo - 1964

Hi Watt 400 head

Hi Watt 4x10

Hi Watt 1x15


Palmer re-amp box

Pedals & Effects:

BBE Opto Stomp

2x Dunlop Cry Baby’s

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer - 1981

Ibanez FL305 Flanger - 1975

Roland Space Echo RE-201

Tech 21 NY Bass Compactor

Line 6 - Bass Pod

Watkins Copicat Tape Echo

Fender Spring Reverb Tank


Compressors and EQ:

Urei 1176 (ex Abbey Road)

Focusrite Blue EQ’s

Focusrite Blue - Compressor’s

Drawmer 201 Gates


Hammond C3 - 1962

Leslie 145 with 147 Pre -1962

Sharma Leslie - 1970

Fender Rhodes 73 Piano

Elka Soloist 505 - 1980’s

Evolution Midi Controller

Kontact Midi Instruments

Galaxy Piano Vintage D

We have a great collection of classic keys including - Wurlitzer EP200, Fender Rhodes Seventy Three, Hammond C3

and 2x Leslie 145’s,

Elka Soloist Synth, Moog Prodigy and an (Abbey Road) Challen upright Piano.

Malc Deakin Hammond UK “ best C3 I’ve ever played in a studio”

Also a comprehensive collection of software synths including - Kontakt 4/5 - Galaxy Pianos and many more..

We have a great collection of vintage amps including: Vox AC30, 60‘s Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Super Reverb, Victoria Bassman and Hiwatt 400.

Classic pedals and FX: Roland Space Echo 201, Watkins Copicat, Fender Spring Reverb Tank,Roland Beebaa Fuzz, Colorsound Supa Tonebender, Ibanez FL305 Flanger and many more.

Studio Equipment